Ljubljana Castle lit up blue for Autism Awareness Day 2019 Slovenia

World Autism Awareness Month in Ljubljana

Some think we should celebrate autism and not change it, others that we shouldn’t celebrate and just try to help or cure it. I think we should strive to do both……

The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard Johnson

Book Review of The Frugal Book Promoter

The Author’s promotional bible. Always keep it close it times of need. Review of The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard Johnson What can I say about this book that […]

Brexit - European Union, which way to turn

Brexit – Maybe the Solution lies in the Problem

The UK has never been as divided as it is today over Brexit, or has it? There’s no doubt that Brexit has caused unprecedented division across the whole of the UK. It has pitted the public against each other: Leavers against Remainers. It has broken our Parliament and caused bitter fighting among the various political factions. It is tearing families apart. But maybe, just maybe, the solution to the Brexit crisis lies in the very thing that is causing us problems.

Saint Brigid cathedral in Kildare town

St Brigid’s Day – Feb 1st

St Brigid’s Day When many people think of Ireland and Saints, you can guarantee that in most cases the name Saint Patrick will come to mind. But there are many […]

Finn McCool's home on the Hill of Allen.

The Bog of Allen.

The Bog of Allen, home of the legendary Irish Giant Finn McCool. The Bog of Allen is an immense raised bog covering an area nearly 1000 square kilometres in size. […]

Dedek Mraz procession in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Also known as Grandfather Cold or Grandfather Frost, this tradition was used by the communists as a replacement for the western Santa Claus. The tradition comes from a ancient Russian Legend of Ded Moroz, and he wears a white outfit and Russian Kuchma Hat.

Three Santas in Slovenia – It’s good to be a Slovenian child at Christmas!

Saint Nicholas (Miklavž) The night air is filled with the cold vapour of tiny breaths as children gather in Prešeren square, eagerly awaiting the first of three presents they will […]