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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO content writing

Do you need website content or articles to be written using SEO (search engine optimization techniques)? Because of my technical background in IT and web design, I am in the perfect position to help optimize your website for SEO content writing. Using my writing skills I can provide text using keywords either you provide, or I will find using keyword searches, and maximise the use of those keywords, but using a natural, flowing prose. This is the best form of SEO keywording, as the old method of keyword stuffing (where the keywords are randomly placed and make no sense) is unethical, drives visitors away from your site, and also causes search engines to eventually ban your site.

Content should also be relevant to your site, and deliver on the keywords they are optimized for. The best way to drive traffic to your site indirectly is have a blog with useful articles and information for visitors that relate to your product or service.

For an example of my work, written for Liberty Adriatic DMC, click here…

General content writing & copywriting

I also offer general content writing services, such as:


  • From UK£0.10 to UK£0.15 per word – depending upon nature and amount of text needed.

If you are interested and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me:

Proof reading and editing

Text by a native writer

Sometimes you are too close to what you write. When you read back through to check for mistakes, it’s easy to miss them because you are actually subconsciously reading it in your head because you already know it by heart. After all, you wrote it. So it’s often a good idea to have it proof read by someone else.

Text written by non-natives or translations

Even well translated work can benefit from proof reading by a native speaker/writer. Your translation company may be doing an excellent job, but does the text read well? Is it too literally translated? Are there minor typos or grammatical errors? Or would you just like the whole thing to be written by a professional native English writer?

I offer a full proof reading service for all kinds of text. For more information and prices please click here…..


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