Ljubljana Castle lit up blue for Autism Awareness Day 2019 Slovenia

World Autism Awareness Month in Ljubljana

Some think we should celebrate autism and not change it, others that we shouldn’t celebrate and just try to help or cure it. I think we should strive to do both……

Dedek Mraz procession in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Also known as Grandfather Cold or Grandfather Frost, this tradition was used by the communists as a replacement for the western Santa Claus. The tradition comes from a ancient Russian Legend of Ded Moroz, and he wears a white outfit and Russian Kuchma Hat.

Three Santas in Slovenia – It’s good to be a Slovenian child at Christmas!

Saint Nicholas (Miklavž) The night air is filled with the cold vapour of tiny breaths as children gather in Prešeren square, eagerly awaiting the first of three presents they will […]

Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Ljubljana Dragon

The Dragon of Ljubljana If you have ever taken a stroll around the beautiful city of Ljubljana, then you couldn’t have failed to notice the abundance of dragons. In particular, […]

Travel Tips – Great airport shuttle & City Shuttle Service

If you are travelling to and/or around Slovenia, Northern Italy, Austria and Munich or Budapest and are in need of a shuttle service, then some enterprising young Slovenes have started […]

Janče, The Green Garden of East Ljubljana

Janče is known locally as the Triglav of the Ljubljana area. Although it may pale in comparison to the mighty mountain, at 792 metres high this small hilltop village is […]